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Activity 1:


Phonics:  Read your phase 2 and 3 phonemes using Phoebes video or Phonics Play Flash cards game, can you read them more quickly than yesterday?


Use Phonics play to practise your tricky words today.  First play 'Tricky words trucks' to recall reading I, no, go, to, the, he, she, me, be, was, you, my.  Then play 'Train Your Brain' to help you learn our new tricky word 'they'.  Use Mr Mc's superpower word video to help you learn our new word 'they'.

Activity 2:


Super cute ducklings today instead of chicks!  A book called ducklings has been assigned to you at the getepic website.  Listen to the book.  Draw a picture of a duckling on a pond in your Literacy book.  Draw a speech bubble coming from it's beak, what noise did it say in the book that ducklings made?  Write the noise using your phase 3 sounds (cheep).