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Activity 1:


Log in to Ten Town (username: reception2018, password: kington) and watch the episode about number 15.  When Tia 10 and Fiona 5 work together they make a number that is even bigger 10+5=15, 5+10=15.  Play Fiona Five's shopping game. Can you find some real coins to make 15p?  Make rubbings of some coins and set up a shop for your family to come and buy things.

Activity 2:


Listen to the story 'What the ladybird heard'.  The activities today look at sharing spots on a ladybird.  Use amounts 1 - 15 to see which amounts can/cannot be shared fairly on either side of a ladybird.  You could draw a ladybird in your maths book and use coins, raisins etc as spots to share.