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Activity 1 - Phonics.


First recap all our sounds so far with Phoebe Phonics.  Then revisit the 'ch' sound with Mr Thorne and Geraldine Giraffe before reading and writing 'ch' words with Miss Deans.


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Activity 2 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar


First listen to the story.  Can you remember how the caterpillar changes in the story?  This is called a life cycle.  First there were the eggs, then there was the caterpillar, after the caterpillar grew he built a cocoon and finally turned into a butterfly.  That butterfly would then lay some more eggs and a new cycle would begin.

Can you create a life cycle picture?  Here are some ideas for ways you could do it.  Remember to label the parts in your picture - egg, caterpillar, cocoon (or chrysalis), butterfly.

life cycle.avi

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