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Activity 1:


Practise your phonics daily by saying the sounds in the powerpoint or cut up and use the flashcards in the Home Learning pack.

Activity 2:

Carefully write these sentences in your literacy book.  Remember finger spaces, letters on the line and correct formations (use your alphabet sheet in your home learning pack to help).

As you write each word practise reading it.  Draw a picture for each sentence in the blank space at the top of your page to show you have understood what you have read.  Photograph your work and upload it to Tapestry so we can see.


1.  I can see a chick.


2. Mum has hot cross buns.


3. We go on an egg hunt.


4. I can see a rabbit.



Activity 3:

Activity 4:


Draw an Easter egg hunt picture in your Literacy book and finish this sentence.


I like Easter because...