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The composer has hidden this animal in the music. What animal is it? That’s right, a lion. What sort of sound do you think he makes? Play the music again and see if you can spot him roaring. Can you walk around like a lion while the music is playing? How do you think you should move? Standing on your tippy-toes or down on your hands and knees? Slow and strong, or fast and gentle?

Let’s think about some of the animals. Tell your grown up what you think these animals would sound like before we listen. You might want to cut out these pictures and stick them in your book and write down your ideas. See if you can use some of these words:


slow fast jumpy smooth quiet loud


  1. Swan
  2. Aquarium (fish)
  3. Tortoise

Which one is your favourite? I love listening to the swan music, it makes me feel calm. How does it make you feel? Try this dance with your family.