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Spring has just started! Did you notice what the weather was like yesterday? The sun was shining at my house.


Activity 1: Look out of your window. What is the weather like? Is it sunny? Cloudy? Raining?  Draw a picture and write a label about the weather at the top of your page. (Look at my 'Monday workbook' to see mine)


Yesterday I spent a lot of time in my garden. I heard the birds sing. I spotted lots of flowers growing and watched lambs run around the field.


Activity 2: Watch and listen to this Springtime song and see what signs of spring you can see. Join in with the actions!


What signs did you see in the song? Have you seen any of these near your home or if you were able to go for a walk? Ask your grown up to write down some of the things you say.


Activity 3: Draw a picture of some blossom on trees. Ask your adult to help you draw the tree’s branches, or you could try that yourself! If you have paint, you could paint your fingers to make the blossom like the picture. I mixed two colours together to make pink blossom. What colours do you think I used? What colours do you want to choose for your blossom? 


Stick the picture in your book and ask your grown up to put a picture on Tapestry so that I can see what you have been up to!

Monday workbook

Blossom art