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Adaptation and Apples!!

We have had another fabulous week in school. Our first Enrichment Day of this year looked at our Harmony Principle of Adaptation while also linking with National Apple Day.

The children have been practical, creative, imaginative and really thoughtful. We have enjoyed a range of activities and it has given the children a real opportunity to discuss and debate. The children have been amazed at how animals adapt to their environments in order to keep themselves safe and in relation to the way that the climate has changed. Others have looked at the wide range of apples that are harvested in Herefordshire and those that pressed apples last week had chance to taste the apple juice they produced. WW1 soup was made using an original apple recipe. Autumn walks and incredible art work added to the day.

It was one of the most challenging weeks for staff to choose their children to be awarded Headteacher Stickers. Friendship and supporting others in their learning was a strong feature this week along with ‘thinking hard, trying hard’. All of the children across school were able to identify something that they had achieved this week that they were proud of and we learnt to sign ‘amazing’ to celebrate another great week.