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Friday assembly is always very special and today was no exception. House Captains awarded badges, including a bronze and a gold star. We all took a moment to think about the last ten house points we had received and why?

Sports Council then gave prizes to children from across the school who had won their latest sports challenge and directed us towards the information for this half term. We know they will all be working hard to rise to these playtime challenges.

We then shared a virtual journey around school with staff describing the wonderful work that we would find both in the corridors and the classrooms. This gave us such a lovely flavour of the school environment that we are not yet able to explore in the way we used to.

Headteacher stickers were then awarded for such a range of reasons. Our youngest children have shown resilience and maturity and such a kind, thoughtful and caring nature towards their friends.  We have seen this maturity and positivity across the school. Children were celebrated for their enthusiasm, focus and the quality presentation of work.

Many of the children work as hard at home as at school and today we especially looked at children who are showing real sporting attributes in relation to skills and team work.

Some of our oldest children were acknowledge for their research skills and their enthusiasm in learning through history and science and exploration.

We certainly saw many qualities and attributes in our children this morning and know that this reflects so many of our children, making the school such a great place to learn.

We thanked everyone for making school such a vibrant and special place and for their individual qualities.