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We have really tried to make this final week as fun and festive as possible. Christmas lunch was a great success and delicious. The chocolate Christmas log a big hit, as always.

It was brilliant that Father Christmas, and one of his elves, were cleared to make a visit. A gift was left for each of the children in their very own class sack. He particularly enjoyed the singing and acted as conductor on a few occasions. The children were very excited especially as he visited on Party Day.

Party Day was a day to dress up and enjoy something a little different.  Each class found a way to make the day festive and great fun with games, quizzes and films as well as their own festive packed lunch.

It was brilliant to end the week with our Achievement Certificates, which are awarded half termly for that extra special something.  We celebrated with the children and reflected on all the things that they have achieved this term.

We wished each other a Happy Christmas and looked forward to 2022. Thoughts of love, hope, peace and magic were shared.

These wishes are sent to everyone who supports the school and have been amazing at making this term as brilliant as it has been.

Thank you and Happy Christmas everyone.


Thank you to Mr Lam for editing the videos of each class celebration, which can be found here, in our Video Resource Centre. We are sure you will enjoy watching and maybe joining in with some of the singing.