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Friday 21st April 2023

Science Week! We've had an amazing week of discovery, problem-solving and learning more about life processes in nature.  Please scroll through the photos to have a look at just some of the activities Mrs Hedley (our science coordinator) has organised for the children this week. On Monday and Tuesday, every class had the opportunity to meet the author and bee-keeping expert Meriot Duncan who brought in her bee-keepers kit and books to share with us.  On Tuesday we were finding out about trees with Tim and meeting new-born chicks with Jules. Thursday was all about space travel and astrology with Scott as well as lots of fantastic explosions and experiments. (All with safety in mind - don't worry!)  The Davies family also kindly brought their ewe and lambs in for the children to observe and then on Friday, our Year 5 and 6 classes went up to LHS science labs for a lesson with Mrs Darch (thank you Mrs Darch and to LHS) to experiment with burning materials and creating 'squeaky' liquids amongst other things.  There were also some great opportunities for everyone to work on some challenges with their 'buddy' class in a great way to bring everyone together.  Oh - and of course - we have welcomed our new guinea pigs too with the name of Willow being picked out of the hat to go with Squirrel. See if you can guess which one is which!

Thank you so much all our lovely visitors and a huge thank you to Mrs Hedley for making it all happen.  I have certainly learnt a lot as I visited the classes every day this week!