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Friday 21st July

It's very exciting outside my office at the moment as we have lots of people preparing for the KPS Summer Fayre! Year 6 are getting their games and stalls ready, lots of our staff are helping and the Friends of KPS are setting up all the different activities and refreshments on offer.  Thank you so much to everyone who is helping and making it happen but, in particular, thank you to the Friends who have been busy planning the event and collecting things for months!

We've had two Headteacher's Stickers assemblies today as we were lucky enough to have a demonstration assembly from Charlotte, our peripatetic music teacher, last week. We all had the challenge of listening to a piece she played on the recorder, oboe, bassoon or flute and trying to guess which film it had come from. Great fun!  If your Year 4, 5 or 6 child would like to consider music lessons for your child, please check your emails for a letter that you can contact Charlotte with.

Thank you and congratulations to our Sticker awardees for both assemblies - you are all amazing, especially during Enrichment, and the children are making it really hard for us to choose just two each time!  Year 6 held their Leavers' Assembly this week also followed by tea and cakes for our families and guests that came.  They did a wonderful job at sharing some of their favourite memories and many congratulations to Brandon and Amy for being awarded the Values Cup and the Jubilee cup. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, enjoy the Fayre and we will see you for just two more days next week.  Take care.