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Friday Celebrations

The staff really needed more than the usual two Headteacher stickers this morning because choosing is becoming almost impossible. It was such a challenge but they managed to decide. The children being rewarded today have been kind, considerate, hardworking, thoughtful and determined. We celebrated how well they work with their learning partners and how committed they are to making progress in all they do. They are often the humblest of pupils.

We sadly have to say goodbye to children from two families and thanked them for being such an important part of school during their time with us.

We also wished our Student Teachers all the very best. They have been with us throughout the year and have been an incredible part of the staff team.

Everyone becomes such an important part of school but although we will miss them we know they will be successful in the next phase of their individual journeys and will take a little bit of Kington Primary School magic with them.

Congratulations everyone.