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We have a real treat this week for those who love storytelling, especially if we know the person telling the story and have missed seeing them over the past few weeks. I am going to keep you guessing so it is a surprise when you follow this link to our Video Resource Centre. Please join in with some of the familiar phrases and words or just sit back and enjoy listening either by yourself or with your family. Other staff are also thinking of a story to share with you but it will be hard to follow this one.

It is also the beginning of a new month and a new Value. This month is a time for us to really think about the value of Understanding which is so important particularly now as we think about how we are feeling at the moment, how things will be for us over the next few weeks, and as we all return to school in September. We will need to understand our feelings as well as understand the feelings and thoughts of those around us so we can return to school safely and happily after our time apart. We will also need to understand the reason for a slightly different environment and way of working. It will be time to share and to talk, which has always been so important and helps us all enjoy being together and successfully living and learning together. Have a good weekend and I hope the story telling inspires you to find your favourite book and share it with someone. 


Click here to go straight to the Video Resource Centre