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Sunshine and Smiles

We approach the end of our the first week of school being split between home and the school site. We are sadly not in the hall together celebrating and giving out stickers but this is a message to say a big thank you to you all because we know that you have all been working hard and making sure that this week is still one to celebrate. We would all love to be together but we have seen and heard of so many examples of this months value, Happiness, and how well you have adapted to this very strange situation for us all. Children have been visiting the zoo on virtual tours, painting, cooking, exercising and engaging in the home learning platform for their class.

Although you are not able to be with your friends, you have found new and safe ways to talk to each other and say hello from a distance in the park if you are out for your daily walk.

We thought that you might like to see some examples of what the children in school have been doing. It's been so nice to take advantage of the sunshine and the children have been planting in the garden.  During an art afternoon, the children also made their own pieces of art based on Kandinsky's work. Next week we hope to share some of your photographs too.